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Are opened to prospective bio-industry investors.

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Calling For Bio-Manufacturers!

With a strategic location within the vicinity and an easy access to Westports as well as KLIA, Precinct 1A aims to become Selangor’s prime bio-industrial export center to the world. 40 units of industrial lots are offered to prospective investors with customisable features to address specific requirements of businesses. We intend to attract manufacturers of bio-technology products focusing on pharmaceuticals, food & beverages and cosmeceuticals to set up their operations here and take advantage of closeness to financial institutions, knowledge workers coming up from known universities around Selangor and an environment ideal for work, live and play.

Precinct 1A

Precinct 1A offers levelled plots sized between 1 to 3 acres depending on the requirements outlined. For those seeking leasing arrangements, standard shell schemes are made available as options. The existence of the Biotechnology Accelerator Center (BAC) further provides added value through a research centre which will be fully equipped with top-notch scientific equipment.

Through planned partnership with academic institutions such as Monash University Malaysia, Selangor Bio Bay hopes to drive industry-academic collaborations and build a suitable talent pool to drive commercialisation of biotech products.

Selangor Bio Bay Precinct 1A Entrance
Selangor Bio Bay Precinct 1A Guard House

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