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Selangor Bio Bay

The biotech industry is coming of age. Biotech industry has been envisaged as the future growth engine long before making its mark in the world today. Selangor, as one of the most progressive state in Malaysia, is at the helm of the mission to advance growth for the nation, reorienting past conservatism to unify industry and everyday life. Selangor Bio Bay (SBB) offers multi-faceted benefits for both biotech industry players and the community.

Selangor Bio Bay is a state-of-the-art biotechnology hub furnished with eco-friendly, high-tech infrastructure that meets end-to-end industrial, commercial and residential needs. In aligning its venture to the Smart Selangor initiative, Selangor Bio Bay is a master planned smart city that will propel the state to a new level of interconnectivity through its integrated city management system and green technology.

At the span of 1,352 acres of sea fronting land, Selangor Bio Bay will be developed in phases – Precinct 1, 2 and 3 – expanding over 25 years of development period. The residential component of Selangor Bio Bay will debut a selection of modern apartments expected to drive the growth of population in Pulau Indah. Selangor Bio Bay presents its residents with a unique proposition of living a life close to nature while remaining in a fast-growing world. Population of this bio valley is estimated at 40,000 upon its completion and the gross development value is projected at RM5.5 billion.

Selangor Bio Bay
selangor bio bay